Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Spring

Spring is slowly approaching, and warmer weather indicates you can spend more time outdoors, and you don’t need to bundle up that much. The change of the season also offers you the opportunity to conduct regular maintenance tasks around your home. Most people carry out an infamous “spring cleaning” to freshen up their home after having windows and doors closed up for the winter months.

When you are preparing for some spring cleanings, why don’t you check on your potential plumbing while you are at it? Showers, apart from bringing flowers, can cause numerous concerns. Thus, it is an excellent time to ensure things that drain which aren’t supposed to be clogged are not and that you do not have any water damage or leaks anywhere.

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This post will review common plumbing concerns, plumbing tips for spring homeowners, and how to stop these concerns.


Potential Plumbing Problems in Spring

Spring comes with its difficulties for your plumbing, especially in Auckland. Spring also marks a shift in temperature from cold to warm, often with sudden temperature changes overnight. That being said, your pipes function very differently.

Here are a few things to watch out for before we finally share our practical plumbing tips for spring:

  • Roots

Spring marks the onset of plant growth. Plantlife makes your home a lot more beautiful place, but plants also pose a concern for your plumbing. Keep in mind that these roots grow as the weather warms.

Often, those roots grow through the underground plumbing. Do you notice excessive amounts of water in the backyard and not from rain? Well, that’s because roots have probably damaged the pipes.

  • Extra clogs

Your drains also experience more usage in the winter. Between holiday parties and long showers, your plumbing gets used more throughout the winter months. Because of that, your drains in the spring have more problems with clogs.

Food and hair also get stuck in the drains the more you use them. Thus, springtime shows all the clogs made in the winter.

  • Leaky pipes

Winter surely wrecks your entire plumbing. You see, the cold causes the pipes to freeze and possibly burst. When spring rolls around, the new concern lies with discovery. Further, you will see all the leaks, breaks, and cracks in the spring the harsh winter left behind.

  • Excessive condensation

The change in temperature also causes condensation on the pipes and plumbing fixtures. That seems like a small problem, but extended moisture build-up damages regions around the condensation.


How to Stop Problems with Plumbing Tips this Spring?

The issues listed above do not have to destroy your entire spring. With these practical hints, keep your toilets, faucets, drains, and pipes in top condition.

  • Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #1 – Check for immediate leaks

Major leaks may be simple to catch, but minor leaks in the plumbing of your home can cause serious damage in the end. The added water waste could also make an increase in the water bill of your household. So, take the time to check the areas of your home’s plumbing that stays out of your regular eyesight.

Areas like under and around your water heater, bathroom sink, under the kitchen sink, and your outdoor faucets. Do you notice any damage or leaks? Then make sure you call a licensed and skilled plumber to fix the problem.

A professional system check of your household’s plumbing could help check for leaks in these regions and others.

For real protection from leaks, your family must consider investing in a leak detector. Those devices can be mounted to washing machines, water heaters, pipes, and other appliances to track frozen pipes and leaks. Leak detectors can alert you of an issue before you even notice it with its smartphone capabilities.

  • Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #2 – Clean and treat the pipes

Invest in a drain treatment to treat the problem with drains that are slow to drain or slightly clogged. A drain treatment, say Drano, utilizes a mix of bleach, water, and toxic chemicals to get rid of common blockages such as soap scum, grease, oil, and fat from the pipes.

Are you looking for a more natural option? There are other natural choices for you. Feel free to search the internet for some ideas.

  • Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #3 – Flush your water heater

Over time, minerals and sediment accumulate in the water heater. That build-up normally happens at the tank’s bottom and, over time, will cause the tank’s corrosion. Those mineral deposits will also substantially impede the heating of the home’s water.

With such blockages, the heater needs to work longer and harder to heat the same amount of water, leading to a higher energy bill.

Try to flush your water heater as much as possible. If you aren’t skilled in that, a licensed plumber can eradicate such concerns. Your plumber will drain the water tank in this process and clear out all the minerals and sediments accumulated.

On top of that, your plumber will totally clean the surface and the tank before you refill it. Further, a professional flush of the water heater once a year will keep it performing and operating effectively.

  • Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #4 – Check outdoor gutters, downspouts, and drains

During the winter months, everything from dried leaves to twigs, sticks, and other debris gather on your roof and in your outdoor space. Now that it is finally warm outdoors make sure you take the time to clear out the debris from your outdoor drains, downspouts, and gutters. Most problems in the potential plumbing could be prevented by ensuring the water can run freely down the drains.

  • Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #5 – Check your faucet

Occasional freeze may often happen in the area, causing pipe damage. That’s why it is a good practice to check your faucets for potential leaks but make it a special point to check your outdoor faucets.

When a leak seems to show after turning on the garden house, or the outdoor faucets drips only instead of flowing normally, you may have a cracked up. In that case, you will require the help of professional plumbers like Progress Plumbing.

  • Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #6 – Schedule a system check for the plumbing

A regular check of your home’s plumbing is a simple and essential part of its general maintenance. A thorough check of your household’s plumbing can stop any serious damages or repairs and confirm that your plumbing is ready for the approaching season.

You must have your plumbing carefully checked by a skilled and qualified plumber at least once a year. You can plan a preventative upkeep check during any season, but spring and fall are especially convenient times as well. That’s because they fall before the most complicated plumbing seasons.

  • Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #7 –Exercise water supply valves

On your toilets and at every sink, various water supply valves are utilized to regular the water flow. Those are awfully convenient when you need to repair one of those items, as you can cut off water to the toilet or sink without turning off the water in the entire house.

Nonetheless, those valves must be occasionally turned, so they do not become very stiff to use. It will help if you turn them a few turns toward the OFF position and back on again to avoid getting stuck.

Make sure you follow these tips, and you will help guarantee your plumbing system is in great working condition. Do you know the best part here? You will save money on expensive repairs and even lessen your utility bill. How amazing is that?

Are you looking for the best plumbing tips for spring? Call Progress Plumbing today.

To sum up, it is best to do regular maintenance, always keep the plumbing dry, and be mindful during winter and keep ahead of underground pipe problems. The above plumbing tips for spring are certain to help when the warm weather finally hits.

You don’t need to think about plumbing concerns in Auckland if you get regular maintenance checks and check on your plumbing.

Our licensed and skilled plumbers deal with a wide array of plumbing needs, such as plumbing fixture repairs and installations, water heater services, leak repairs, drain cleaning, and even water quality products.

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