How Much Should a Small Bathroom Remodel Cost?


While looking at your bathroom, you might be planning a bathroom remodeling to improve its appearance. But another question emerges: how much will it cost you?

Small Bathroom Remodeling Average Cost

Now, we answer the question that has been bothering you. Small bathroom remodels costs ranges from $ 1 500 up to $ 15 000. It depends on the kind of remodeling you desire, but it usually takes a national average of $6500. If you plan to have a complete remodeling of your bathroom, prepare your pocket to pay $70 per sq. ft. for a low-end fixture that includes DIY works. As high-end fixtures cost $250 per sq. ft. and will be installed by a professional contractor for guaranteed quality and service. It is important to be reminded that labor can also differ based on the location of your house.

Right now, you may be hesitating about the possible cost that it may take once you finally decided to renovate or remodel your bathroom. Know that bathroom remodeling is a budget-friendly way for you to proliferate the value of your bathroom and upgrade it to its best version that would likely make you feel at home. If you want to remodel to sell, updated homes are typically the ones that sell faster. You can reimburse an average of 66% of your remodel expenditures once someone purchases your home. You can indulge in inexpensive remodeling but new fixtures to improve its value. Not because we said new fixtures doesn’t mean choosing high-end fixtures right away- if you’re selling, you cannot put any additional value to a sale for these. Instead, you can spare those to your next residence and use them to design your own bathroom.

Avid DIYers with the skills, expertise, knowledge, and tools are perfect for remodeling small bathrooms. But, homeowners should consult with a licensed and professional contractor to ensure that the project would go well.


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Small Bathroom Remodel Costs

When we say “small bathroom,” what do we mean by small? It takes bathrooms to have the size of approximately 40 sq. ft. (3.72 sq. m.) to be considered small. As for half baths with shower, only usually measure 20 sq. ft. (1.86 sq. m.) or less. An average cost of 3,000 NZ$ is anticipated for the bathroom fixtures and the labor.

An extra cost of 100 NZ$ per sq. ft. is supposed. The labour average cost to a licensed trusted professional might range from 50 NZ$ to 110 NZ$ per hour. Remodeling a small or large bathroom varies from the number of materials to be used and the cost for labor that may take. Expect to pay for added expenses if you want high-end and quality finishes, such as a fully tiled shower.


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Prioritizing Function for Bathroom Remodeling

When remodeling a bathroom, you don’t just plan by design but by function. The type of finishes installed is determined by the room function. If you’re remodeling a kid’s bathroom, you can add some functional fixtures that are less expensive. It would only need a simple tub and child-friendly surround. Meanwhile, a master bathroom might include extravagant finishes like glass mosaic dimensions to make it more elegant with a spa-like experience. Your guest baths will depend on if you also want to use basic or high-end finishes.

Powder Room Remodel

Do you want to improve your powder room with a more aesthetic look? There are many DIY opportunities you can seize for your DIY remodel. It usually costs not more than $700, while an average cost of $ 1,400 for a professional remodel.

The main half floor of the bathroom is the powder room and is intended to use by the guests. It includes a simple setup; sink and toilet only and without a bathtub or shower. However, for a DIY project, a few electrical and plumbing are of great use. A powder room, for residential settings, is a kind of bathroom that is considered to be the smallest and measures around 15-25 ft²(2.32 m²).

Guest Bathroom

Do you want to accommodate your guests with a comforting bathroom? Guess a remodel can do that for you. Guest bathrooms are intended for your guests staying overnight at your home. These are private ¾ or full baths, which take 150 NZ$ per sq. ft. for mid-range remodel. This kind of bathroom comes without special considerations. Hence, you can include the fixtures and finishes of your preference.

Master Bathroom

Let’s say you aim to sell your home. Note that your master bathroom commonly catches your potential buyer’s interest- it is the focal point. Expect to spend around 250 NZ$ per sq. ft. and additional expenses for some custom fixtures. Remodeling a master bath includes increasing the room’s space, such as moving walls, plumbing, and other architecture and engineering and works.

Kids Bathroom

Rather than fancy staff, a kid’s bathroom gives more emphasis to function for practical use. This bathroom usually uses lower-end finishes and is likely to spend about 100 NZ$ to 150 NZ$ per sq. ft. Still, it is best to come up with an integrated look for this bathroom.


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Other Price Factors Estimates

In updating a bathroom, you don’t only consider the fixtures. Do you want to have a remodel without hassle? It is best to work with a reliable general contractor and plumber to fulfill this project.

Here are other price factors that you must consider:

Location: It is necessary to consider the plumbing locations in a basement. Concrete work that includes moving waste lines ranges from 65 NZ$ – 80 NZ$ per hour, while the plumbing work ranges from 40 NZ$ – 75 NZ$ or more an hour. If you want to install the floor appropriately you prefer, spare a budget for this.

Overall Design: It has always been best to have a unified look for your bathroom, especially if you aim to sell your house. You can seek help from an interior design that would help you with that matter while considering your budget.

Structure: If you want to put additional rooms in an existing bath, it might be costly since it would mean it has to be demolished and new walls have to be built.

Electrician Rates: Ranges from 50 NZ$ – 100 NZ$ an hour.

Plumber Rates: Expect to pay around 45 NZ$ – 200 NZ$ an hour.

Walls Framed and Drywall Installation: This work might cost you 3.50 NZ$ – 9 NZ$ per sq. ft.


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Costs of a Small Bathroom Renovation

The renovation has a significant difference from remodeling. Remodeling refers to changing the bathroom’s appearance, while renovation is its repair or update. You remodel it from an old to dated look while you renovate the room to upgrade its appearance more.

For smaller bathrooms, you can put high-end finishes that won’t hurt your pocket. Putting your money into what homebuyers usually look for can help you increase the chance of buying your house.


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Converting to a Full Bath

A new bathtub is usually required if you plan to convert it into a full bathroom. This costs an average of $ 5,400, including the installation. A bathroom sink and toilet are needed for half baths, while a shower is included without bathtubs in a three-quarter bathroom. On the other hand, a full bathroom consists of a sink, toilet, a bathtub, or/and a shower. You are likely to proliferate the space and size of your existing bathroom layout once you convert it to a full one.

Putting Additional Shower to a Half Bath

An average cost of $ 3,500 is expected if you decided to add a shower to your half-bathroom. However, the price might have some considerations depending on the new layout of the bath.

New Tiles for Small Bathroom

New shower? It would be best if you retiled your bathroom too for a more contemporary look. The average price of new tiles is $1,000 for either porcelain or ceramic. This average cost might differ if you chose expensive alternatives such as glass tiles.

Bathroom Renovation to Add Space

You will need more space to install a bathtub or even a shower in a limited space. This might change the design of your present bathroom space and move the plumbing to new drain sites. You can work with an architect or structural engineer to add more space and redesign the layout. These professionals have a general average of $ 5,000, but it could be lesser for a bathroom. Contractors can also perform the layout and design work.


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DIY Bathroom Renovation or Remodel

It is best to update your house before selling it since there are required inspections. If you want DIY work, fill yourself with local and national codes, acquire proper permits, and complete all inspections. Ensuring that you’re up to code helps you prevent additional remodeling costs and even establish safety hazards.

A lot of homeowners shift to DIY works to save money. Some pull off quality work because they have the right experience and tools, but some can meet an undesirable result. Some pitfalls of DIY projects are as follows: disproportionate cabinetry, uneven grout, and imperfect cut tiles. If you want to ensure your money to a guaranteed outcome, hiring licensed contractors and plumbers can do the work and give your bathroom a professional look. You can do small works for your bathroom that require less expertise but always seek help from professionals for serious upgrades.


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Hire a Pro

You don’t want your money to end up with nothing. To ensure the return of your home sale investment, choosing professionals can help you remodel and renovate your room that is catchy and up to code. With their help, you don’t have anything to fret about; they handle everything- from permits to inspections. Note that bathrooms are on top of the checklist by potential homebuyers, so you have to present them with a professional completion that would push them to buy your home.

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