How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Bathroom NZ

renovate a bathroom

There are different reasons to renovate a bathroom: changing outdated and worn materials and fixtures, increasing your home value, adapting the space to your present lifestyle, or adding new features to improve your comfort.

You see, after you have identified the priorities and objectives of your bathroom renovation, the next step you need to consider is setting a rough budget for the project based on the average expenses within the area.

No matter if you are planning a complete bathroom renovation or changing some key fixtures, researching figures and preparing beforehand offers you confidence and peace of mind about the investment you are making into your home near New Zealand.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in NZ?

The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in any home. With the tips and tricks in this guide, you can turn yours into a functional and elegant space that works for your budget. Keep in mind that bathroom renovations in NZ could range anywhere between NZ$20,0000 to NZ$90,000. But that will depend on the project’s specifications, site condition, and a different set of factors.

  • Basic bathroom cost – A basic bathroom renovation in NZ is likely to cost in the region of NZ$20,000 to NZ$30,000.
  • Mid-range bathroom cost – A mid-range bathroom renovation in NZ is more likely to cost NZ$30,000 to NZ$50,000.
  • High-end bathroom cost – A high-end bathroom renovation is more likely to cost NZ$50,000 to NZ$90,000 or more.


Bathroom Renovation Cost in Standard Quality

Do you have a basic task to do and a low budget to work with? Then that will likely be where you must set your expectations. You don’t need to have a big amount of capital to finish this job, but you still get some amazing results by hiring the right team. They will know of great ways to introduce efficiencies regarding labor costs.

Just be cautious that you won’t be looking at high-end fittings and fixtures, but more basic commercial-looking toilets, showers, basins, and tapware in this case. Further, are you still weighing up how much you must spend? Take note that this is an investment for the long term. The more you skimp today, the more regrets you may have in the end.

In this situation, you might be considering spending at least NZ$15,000 to NZ$25,000, depending on the project scope.

Bathroom Renovation Cost in HighQuality

That’s where most people sit as they know they will get the best possible result from the task involved. That only indicates quality parts and fittings, which will stand the test of time and look aesthetically pleasing.

Your bathroom renovation team also has the luxury of more time for labor and design to guarantee workmanship can be performed to the absolute best possible standards and include added comforts in the project such as mirror demisting, under-floor heating, and best possible ventilation to prevent moisture and mildew build-up.

All of those are vital when considering the long-term.

Why Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

Your bathroom is the space you utilize regularly. You’ll feel better as you enter a personally made space every time you wake up and go to sleep. The benefits of renovating your bathroom are unlimited.

Here are some reasons you need to consider:

  • Boost your home value

The value of your home can significantly increase by completing a renovation to your bathroom. You can expect between ten to twenty percent increase from the house’s current price. When you choose to sell, that renovation will become a big deciding factor for new home buyers.

  • Avoid future damage

You may have an outdated house with particular fixtures that do not work—the older your home, the higher chances that the bathroom will be due for a renovation. Old villas and houses can have costly expenses because of rotten timber.

You might have an old bath with copper or cast iron pipework and shower that doesn’t flow effectively as new PVC pipework. Further, bathroom renovations can avoid damage such as leaking pipes and other problems in the end.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Costs Down in NZ?

A bathroom renovation is one of the best investments you will make for your entire home. Whether you are planning on selling the house or simply improving or upgrading the aesthetics, bathroom renovating will be beneficial in the long run. Nonetheless, renovation can cost you a lot as it will involve changing old tiles and installing new ones, upgrading the materials, fittings, plumbings, and fixing materials if required.

Depending on the bathroom’s size, renovation may cost from NZ$20,000 to NZ$40,000. You might think about how you can cut down the expenses but still have amazing results.

Fittings and materials are typically the largest chunks in the total cost of the renovation. When planning for it, it will help if you don’t overdo installations or changes when it comes to fittings and materials. Go for simpler products, particularly if you’re tight on budget. It is much better if you allow the designers to take a look at your bathroom to present more ideas and insights on how to cut your expenses.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace an Entire Bathroom?

Keep in mind that the cost of replacing the entire bathroom will depend on the following costs:

  • materials or fittings
  • electricity
  • plumbing and tile
  • waterproofing
  • making good walls
  • tile demolishing

In New Zealand, a basic, small bathroom renovation could cost NZ$20,000 to NZ$30,000. Bigger bathrooms with higher quality products will cost NZ$50,000 to NZ$90,000 or more.

How Can You Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive and Elegant?

Often, people think that making their bathrooms costly means going all out with money for renovating and decorating. Nonetheless, you could still accomplish the look by knowing and understanding the vital materials required.

A basic change in lighting or changing the color scheme can do wonders for your entire bathroom. If you want to redo the tiles, you can always opt to have it tiled diagonally instead of a horizontal and vertical line to offer the room a different vibe and feel. Interior designers have the best knowledge when it comes to making the bathroom look costly.

How Can You Estimate the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

There are numerous factors to keep in mind when estimating the cost of your bathroom remodeling in NZ. Do you wish to have an expensive-looking bathroom so that it will look amazing for potential homebuyers? Maybe your bathroom only requires a basic upgrade on materials and fittings.

You also need to understand if your budget is within range of what you wish to accomplish. Sometimes, people with extravagant bathrooms but do not realize they must shell more money out.

What are the Steps for Bathroom Renovation in NZ?

Here are the important steps you need to take when planning a bathroom renovation in NZ:

  1. Start with your research and set up the budget

A budget must be made with the worst-case scenario in mind to enable unforeseen circumstances. There are cases where hidden water damage is caused by loose water seals and broken tiles. These unseen damages could add up to NZ$1,000 to your initial budget.

Progress Plumbing can have a close look at the beginning of your renovating project. Our licensed and registered plumbers will assess your bathroom and find any trouble regions.

  1. Employ a professional plumber

First-time homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can finish the renovation on their own. That can be done, but it’s typically plagued with issues and can take longer than average.

It is uncommon for people who plan to redesign their bathroom to take many flawed approaches in the process. You don’t need to put up with the stress of renovating them. That’s where our team of plumbers comes to the rescue.

Remember that a bathroom renovation project could go from one issue to another, especially if you’re not experienced. A renovated bathroom that’s not backed by professional support can lead to substandard outcomes and a poorly designed bathroom.

Progress Plumbing is just one call away. We’re always here to help you plan out the process for your bathroom renovation, as it can be challenging to fix your bathroom on your own. We can help you save money, time and be left with a remarkable bathroom.

  1. Finalize the design

The drafted sketch will offer you an idea of the bathroom’s finished look. Take a look at the sketches to know if there are any changes you’d wish to make to guarantee an amazing final design.

  1. Prepare for installation

Remodeling bathrooms will need several calls to tradesmen, designers, plumbers, and more to ensure a quality result. Your bathroom renovations can last from six weeks to eight months. Thus, knowing what to tell your contractors will save thousands of dollars worth of annoying concerns.

For consistent results, hire plumbing professionals in Auckland who will make your life simple. That’s where Progress Plumbing comes to it. Our plumbers are skilled and qualified to do the job properly. We are continuously upskilling with the newest products to remain at the forefront of the plumbing sector.

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